I am Irina Nik, a digital product designer with over 6 years of experience in software design. I am a co-founder of Educamp, a designer of Inch, and an author at UX Collective.


Educamp - a platform for live and self-paced courses


I am a co-founder of Educamp, its designer, front-end developer, and manager.



Workforce management solution. Cover of the project.

Inch - a mobile workforce management SaaS solution

I was the only designer since the beginning of the startup. Inch is mobile workforce software available on the web and as iOS and Android apps.


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Auto 7.png

Onboard computer interface for the carsharing system


An automotive dashboard design that reduces the cognitive load, simplifies car-sharing system usage and provides a joyful experience. Individual project.

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Digital mediator at the registrar's office in Turin


Amico - is a digital touchpoint in the Central registrar’s office in Turin that supports the communication onsite. Team project. 


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Medical cover.png

Medical tourism service


I was the only designer in a medical tourism start-up. It consists of a website for frontage and backstage users and an app for doctors.

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Software design for RosKosmos


I was a leading designer in the Research and Engineering Center. I was setting the design process and designed software for the space industry: telemetry analysis, project management, remote control, data management.


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Immersive exhibition dedicated to Lotte Reiniger


An immersive exhibition concept. It invites visitors to join the artist in the creative process using modern interactive technologies.


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Riddle lamp


An experimental project that explores the agency of objects through interaction design.


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